Sunday School

Sunday school isn’t just a place to keep kids entertained while their parents go to “real church.” It’s a place to plant seeds that will grow over a child’s entire life. That includes learning about God and his great love, building relationships with their church community, and making church a place kids can look forward to coming to their entire lives. In addition to Bible stories, our Sunday school lessons also include music, skits, and service projects to round out the theme of “Grow, Serve, Worship!”
Time Schedule:
9:00 – Arrive at church and spend the first fifteen minutes in worship with your family
9:15 – Age 3-8th graders head to Sunday School with teacher and classmates
10:00 – 9th-12th graders begin Sunday School. For age 3-8th graders, Sunday school wraps up and kids and teachers head to the gym for snacks, play, and to meet up with families!


Every 2nd Sunday of the month is “XGen Sunday,” which stands for cross-generational. This is a Sunday when there is no Sunday school and everyone worships together as one church family. This is a great Sunday for kids and families to get involved in leading parts of worship, like running the PowerPoint slides, handing out bulletins, or reading Scripture. Not sure your child can handle being in worship that long? Maybe our Pray Ground is the place for you!

Pray Ground and

Sermon Notes

We believe in kids being welcome in worship. We believe church should be a place for them as much as for adults. So we’re intentional about making our worship services something that they’ll enjoy, too! The “Pray Ground” is a small table and chairs located at the front of the sanctuary stocked with stickers, coloring pages, and other activities that can help them learn about God in a way that speaks to them! It’s located up front so they can see everything that’s going on with the worship service. For shy kids or those who like to sit with Mom and Dad, we also have the same activity pages, clipboards, and crayons located on a table at the back of the sanctuary. 
“Sermon Notes” are not as serious as they sound – they’re just a worksheet geared towards older kids and teens where you can write down what you see, hear, and learn during worship. No one collects or grades them, they’re just for you to learn and remember! Sermon Notes, clipboards, and pencils are located on a table at the back of the sanctuary.

For Parents with Small Children:

We absolutely love seeing little ones come through our doors on Sunday mornings! Here’s just a little heads up of what to expect to help make your morning smooth and stress-free:
Infants –
are more than welcome in the worship service! If you need some alone time together, the Proverbs Room located right off the sanctuary is available during the worship services. There are couches, one-way glass looking into the sanctuary, and speakers so you can still hear the service. 
Toddlers –
also welcome in the worship service! We have a “Pray Ground” located at the front of the sanctuary stocked with coloring pages, stickers, and activities based on that day’s scripture – just look for the small tables and chairs up front! (Why is it up front? So your little ones can see what’s going on in the service!)
We have a nursery available for kids 3 and under if your little one needs more space to roam and play. It is located in our Sunday school/daycare hallway. If you aren’t sure, just ask one of our greeters and they’ll show you where it is. When you get to the nursery, our background-checked, childcare-certified attendant will check your child in and get your cell phone number to contact you in case of emergencies. Whether you use the nursery or not is up to you – like we said before, we love having the little ones in church!
Preschoolers –
If your preschool age child is ready for Sunday school (potty trained, can sit and follow directions for short spans of time), we’re ready for them! We have a special class just for preschoolers from 9:30-10:00. There’s music, coloring, Bible stories, and playtime. Come check it out!