From Pastor John 1-9-18

 Today was a first for me. I squished an avocado in my coat pocket. Messy. Not how I wanted to start the morning, not how I envisioned being relentless and victorious in getting things done. Worse things have happened to me, but sometimes we reach a tipping point. You know, that one more thing that piles onto the load of mistakes/failures/junk/guilt/disappointment that we carry around. But a life of faith gives you a way to trudge through what the day and the world throws at you. I am reminded of the Christmas scriptures in Luke, “For nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37. May you persevere in prayer and know that God is right there in your moments of weakness.

Pastor John on the Engaged Disciple

Friends, here are 4 areas to challenge us in our path of life in Christ: what are your thoughts about these?

June 7 Pastor John On the Engaged Disciple (click on this title to add your comments)

In Luke 12:23 Jesus teaches, “For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.” With Easter we began a series on Life in Jesus. Once again, the term life and Jesus come to us through scripture. This passage deals with stress, worrying about that which you cannot control, pursuing greed of the world, and ends with the promise that God knows we need food and clothing and certain things from god’s created world in order to live. But life is more than these things. Life is relationship achieved by seeking after God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. As i seek after God, as I tithe, as i pray i become more aware of god’s presence that is available to all because i have reoriented my life, or another way to put it, my life has been transformed and i learn to rely on the guiding strength of the Holy Spirit which is the continuing presence of Jesus on this earth with us. I make lots of mistakes, and i have to ask forgiveness alt. But what i write about here happens because of putting our faith into action, its a discipline. You can’t read this once and say i understand, you cant read this and say that’s BS because you tried it and it didn’t work; it has to become a life of faith, daily choosing to walk with God, daily choosing to embrace the One who is already holding you.  

June 6 Pastor John’s Thoughts on the Engaged Disiciple (click this title to add your comments)

We held our annual church meeting this past Sunday (i know not the most exciting thing to attend) and it was productive. We prayed, voted on new deacons, elders and the new church budget and received an update from our Vision, Mission and Seeking Teams. The new church budget was passed unanimously without a single dissenting vote as we tried to hold the budget flat with just a .8% increase (not even 1%)! Tracy and I increased our giving last year by 10% when the budget increased only 3% and this year we are increasing our giving by 5%. Through prayer this is what we feel we should give in response to God’s grace in our lives. 

May 12 Pastor John on the Engaged Follower of Jesus (click title to Comment)

GRCC’s series on LIFE in Jesus continues this Sunday. Here are thoughts from the last 2 Sunday’s:
Life no longer in Shambles,

Dashed hopes to burning hearts,

Confession to Lord’s Supper,

Disappointment to joy,

My Movement of Christian faith and experience from

cross to empty tomb,

from death to life.


Feb. 10 Pastor John on the Engaged Follower of Jesus (click title to add comments)

Feb. 10 Pastor John on the Engaged Follower of Jesus
This Sunday the message is based off Matthew 5:21-37 (murder, adultery, anger, swearing, forgiveness, relationships, jail). I kept wrestling with it because so much of it, once again, hits so close to home. Home, being me and my thoughts, actions and relationships. So Sunday should be interesting.

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Feb. 3 Pastor John’s Thoughts on the Engaged Follower of Jesus (click title to add comments)

Today I stopped by the Wigwam for breakfast and ran into Dan & Susan, members of the church, who were there to start off Dan’s birthday with a big breakfast. Dan asked me what was going on at the church, I said “Quite a bit.”

Feb. 1 Pastor John’s Thoughts on the Engaged Follower of Jesus (aka my blog)

I see some direct correlations in my life. When I eat more than I exercise, I gain weight. When I don’t exercise, I lose strength and flexibility. When I don’t treat my wife with kindness, we have arguments. When I don’t read the bible or pray to God, goes away – whoops, that’s not right.

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Jan 27, 2017 Pastor John’s Blog (aka Thoughts on the Engaged Follower of Jesus)

A song that I go to many times is called “Fill Me Up” by Jesus Culture. The lyrics are few but powerful because it speaks to what we can do in light of what God is doing.

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