Summer Sunday School – Part 2 – Alison’s Blog

This summer in Sunday school, the kids will be exploring the concept of stewardship. This topic may be a little tough for some of the young ones to understand, but I hope that it can be an opportunity for all of us to learn something together! Here’s a quick summary of what the summer should look like:

Age 4-5th grade: Will be exploring giving, saving, spending, and earning through activities, crafts, games, etc. They will work in small groups on s Read more…

Summer Sunday School! – Alison’s blog

Summer is a glorious time. I was just fully appreciating this morning what a blessing summer really is. Already this summer I’ve gone to a couple of cookouts, my sister-in-law’s baby shower, a couple of graduation parties, my friend’s wedding, and taken a family trip to visit my sister in Nebraska. Tomorrow Ryan and I will be going to a 3rd birthday party for the son of some great friends of ours. As I write this, I realize that all of these have involved two things that bring me tremendous joy: being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and spending time with people I love through celebration. Whether it’s been family, in-laws, friends, or the people of GRCC (I’m counting our May 28 outdoor worship and picnic as one of the cookouts!), it’s a huge joy to have people in my life that I can celebrate with!

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Send A Kid to Camp – THANK YOU – Alison’s blog

Thanks to the generous support of our congregation, our Send A Kid to Camp campaign yielded $1,893.31 towards camp scholarships. That’s right – that’s 85% of our goal of $2,222.50 to support the 12 youth signed up so far. Believe me, this is so much more than I ever could have expected! Now, our goal could go up as more youth sign up for camp. But I am amazed by and thankful for your generosity.

It Starts With Relationships – Alison’s Blog

How do you raise a generation to be responsible, compassionate adults who are committed to their church and pursue relationships with God?

Well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

As I’ve been learning more and more, it’s a question much bigger than me. It’s much bigger than all of us. It’s God-sized.

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The Lenten Journey – Alison’s Blog

Simple Things Over Time – Alison’s Blog

Right now I’m working on two opportunities to further our mission of “Growing Authentic Relationships Through Christ.” One is an Easter-themed play that the youth are about to start rehearsing to perform on Palm Sunday. The other is an after-school mentoring and homework help program between our church and our daycare, Little Angels. While one of these projects capitalizes on my particular gifts much more than the other (I’m much better at sitting down and building a relationship with someone than I am at being on a stage and performing), I’m very excited for the potential that both of these projects have to bring people together over shared interests and dreams.

Seasons of Preparation – Alison’s Blog

The season of Advent is a time of preparation. As the Church has prepared these past 4 weeks for the birth of Christ, it’s been a good time to reflect on seasons of preparation in our own lives. You might be going through such a season right now, or you might remember such a time, or maybe you haven’t yet realized when you’ve been in a season of preparation and this Advent season has helped open you to a new kind of awareness. These seasons of preparation can often be painful, frustrating, and seem like they will never end. They can also be punctuated by moments of deep reflection, peace, and joy as we realize how God has been at work within us all along.